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Recent Publications

Angle, J.C., Morin, T.H., Solden, L.M., Narrowe, A.B., Smith, G.J., Borton, M.A., Rey-Sanchez, C., Daly, R.A., Mirfenderesgi, G., Hoyt, D.W., Riley, W.J., Miller, C.S., Bohrer, G. & Wrighton, K.C., 2017. Methanogenesis in oxygenated soils is a substantial fraction of wetland methane emissions. Nature Communications, 8(1), p.1567. [link]

Narrowe, A.B., Angle, J.C., Daly, R.A., Stefanik, K.C., Wrighton, K.C. & Miller, C.S., 2017. High-resolution sequencing reveals unexplored archaeal diversity in freshwater wetland soils. Environmental Microbiology, 19(6), pp.2192–2209. [link]

Mosier, A.C., Miller, C.S., Frischkorn, K.R., Ohm, R.A., Li, Z., LaButti, K., Lapidus, A., Lipzen, A., Chen, C., Johnson, J., Lindquist, E.A., Pan, C., Hettich, R.L., Grigoriev, I. V., Singer, S.W. & Banfield, J.F., 2016. Fungi Contribute Critical but Spatially Varying Roles in Nitrogen and Carbon Cycling in Acid Mine Drainage. Frontiers in Microbiology, 7(238), p.238. [link]

Andrade, K., Logemann, J., Heidelberg, K.B., Emerson, J.B., Comolli, L.R., Hug, L.A., Probst, A.J., Keillar, A., Thomas, B.C., Miller, C.S., Allen, E.E., Moreau, J.W., Brocks, J.J. & Banfield, J.F., 2015. Metagenomic and lipid analyses reveal a diel cycle in a hypersaline microbial ecosystem. The ISME Journal, 9(12), pp.2697–2711. [link]

Narrowe, A.B., Albuthi-Lantz, M., Smith, E.P., Bower, K.J., Roane, T.M., Vajda, A.M. & Miller, C.S., 2015. Perturbation and restoration of the fathead minnow gut microbiome after low-level triclosan exposure. Microbiome, 3(1), p.6. [link]

Handley, K.M., Wrighton, K.C., Miller, C.S., Wilkins, M.J., Kantor, R.S., Thomas, B.C., Williams, K.H., Gilbert, J.A., Long, P.E. & Banfield, J.F., 2015. Disturbed subsurface microbial communities follow equivalent trajectories despite different structural starting points. Environmental Microbiology. 17, pp. 622–636. [link]

Brooks, B., Firek, B.A., Miller, C.S., Sharon, I., Thomas, B.C., Baker, R., Morowitz, M.J. & Banfield, J.F., 2014. Microbes in the neonatal intensive care unit resemble those found in the gut of premature infants. Microbiome, 2(1), p.1. [link]

Handley, K.M., Verberkmoes, N.C., Steefel, C.I., Williams, K.H., Sharon, I., Miller, C.S., Frischkorn, K.R., Chourey, K., Thomas, B.C., Shah, M.B., Long, P.E., Hettich, R.L. & Banfield, J.F., 2013. Biostimulation induces syntrophic interactions that impact C, S and N cycling in a sediment microbial community. The ISME Journal, 7, pp.800–816. [link]

Miller, C.S., Handley, K.M., Wrighton, K.C., Frischkorn, K.R., Thomas, B.C. & Banfield, J.F., 2013. Short-Read Assembly of Full-Length 16S Amplicons Reveals Bacterial Diversity in Subsurface Sediments. PloS One, 8(2), p.e56018. [link]

Miller, C.S., 2013. Assembling full-length rRNA genes from short-read metagenomic sequence datasets using EMIRGE. E. F. DeLong, ed. Methods in Enzymology, 531, pp.333–52. [link]

Wilkins, M.J., Wrighton, K.C., Nicora, C.D., Williams, K.H., McCue, L.A., Handley, K.M., Miller, C.S., Giloteaux, L., Montgomery, A.P., Lovley, D.R., Banfield, J.F., Long, P.E. & Lipton, M.S., 2013. Fluctuations in Species-Level Protein Expression Occur during Element and Nutrient Cycling in the Subsurface. PloS One, 8(3), p.e57819. [link]

Justice, N.B., Pan, C., Mueller, R., Spaulding, S.E., Shah, V., Sun, C.L., Yelton, A.P., Miller, C.S., Thomas, B.C., Shah, M., Verberkmoes, N., Hettich, R. & Banfield, J.F., 2012. Heterotrophic Archaea Contribute to Carbon Cycling in Low-pH, Suboxic Biofilm Communities. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 78(23), pp.8321–30. [link]

Wrighton, K.C., Thomas, B.C., Sharon, I., Miller, C.S., Castelle, C.J., VerBerkmoes, N.C., Wilkins, M.J., Hettich, R.L., Lipton, M.S., Williams, K.H., Long, P.E. & Banfield, J.F., 2012. Fermentation, hydrogen, and sulfur metabolism in multiple uncultivated bacterial phyla. Science, 337(6102), pp.1661–5. [link]

Fujishima, K., Sugahara, J., Miller, C.S., Baker, B.J., Di Giulio, M., Takesue, K., Sato, A., Tomita, M., Banfield, J.F. & Kanai, A., 2011. A novel three-unit tRNA splicing endonuclease found in ultrasmall Archaea possesses broad substrate specificity. Nucleic Acids Research, 39(22), pp.9695–704. [link]

Gladden, J.M., Allgaier, M., Miller, C.S., Hazen, T.C., VanderGheynst, J.S., Hugenholtz, P., Simmons, B.A. & Singer, S.W., 2011. Glycoside hydrolase activities of thermophilic bacterial consortia adapted to switchgrass. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 77(16), pp.5804–12. [link]

Miller, C.S., Baker, B.J., Thomas, B.C., Singer, S.W. & Banfield, J.F., 2011. EMIRGE: reconstruction of full-length ribosomal genes from microbial community short read sequencing data. Genome Biology, 12(5), p.R44. [link]